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Was im Januar aus einer Laune heraus entstand, ist mittlerweile ein pubertierendes Side Project 😀 Die Idee war heraus zu finden, was passieren würde, wenn ich mit all dem Wissen, das ich mir in 7 Jahren Instagram selbst erarbeitet hatte, noch einmal mit einem neuen Account starten würde. Also ging @VillaNeustadt an den Start und […]

  I couldn’t ever enjoy winter as much as this year, maybe it’s because of the fact that this isn’t a real winter 😀 It more feels like Spring, but so are my essentials for this something-in-between-winter-and-spring season 😀 (Those are NO AFFILIATES, I just like to share my favorite products) (1) THE BEST IS […]

Herbivore is not just my new nick name (Huh? Why?) but also one of my favorite plant based brands for lip care, and this one has a super pretty light color as well. During our girls trip to Paris in July, I fell in love with this fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez – it’s airy and feels like […]

What would you do?

Jun 29, 2017

What would you do if you knew you would fail? Would you even start? ✨   Ok, I will not lie to you: you probably don’t. Most of us don’t even get started with whatever they would kind of like to do. And there lies the very problem, handed to you on a silver platter: […]

Letting things go.

Jun 22, 2017

We dream and hustle. And we try and hope and we build the life we thought we dream of. We connect and share and we envision what our future might look like and what we wish this future could be. We do everything literally to chase our dreams, to live our purposes, to live our […]

She was a rule breaker, never settling her fierce spirit for things built of structure. ~ Nikki Rowe Don’t we all want to be that kind of woman? Strong. Courageous. Fearless. Rulebreaker. Bold with our lifes. I do. I want to live a life full of memories, meaning, and full of love. Full of beauty.  […]

Greenery is the Pantone Color Trend of the Year and what should I say? I love it ???? There are so many possibilities opening up and I can’t wait to see all the Greenery inspired Weddings this year.  A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Isn’t this the most beautiful green house […]

It’s your choice

Mar 30, 2017

We’re all lost at one point or another. We’re all experiencing good and back luck, and sometimes our plans simply don’t work. Either if it’s that the dog runs off or the credit card is not working when you would need it most. Or if it’s the relationship that is not giving you joy anymore. […]

  My Spring Wardrobe contains both wintery and summery items as I travel A LOT right now: South Africa, Cyprus, back to cold Switzerland, Rome, Santorini – if you fancy some travel spam, follow me on Instagram ????  This striped dress is from GANT (via Zalando) // A basic blue shirt is always a good idea ???? This […]

This young love between old souls, old soul mates is a precious and delicate thing nobody can feel the same way than them. Only when you look close and spend some time together, you’ll see this whole universe between them. It’s probably the greatest gift I receive when I am invited to capture the love […]

„You’re brave doing what you’re doing.“ –„What do you mean?“ „I mean, you’re in a foreign country, driving on the wrong side of the street. In a Defender, camping wherever you like it. Aren’t you afraid?“ – „No. This is actually the fun part of the journey.“ „Haha, I guess. But anyway, well done. I […]

Sure, you can do this, it’s easy for you. But I can’t. I just don’t have time, money and I am not that outgoing like you (please insert any other uncertain reason here). This is what I hear often. Constantly. At least once a week. And I get it. It IS difficult. Nothing worth having […]

The best days

Feb 8, 2017

Anna just left me, and the rest of the white wine after a 5-hour session and I can hardly describe the feeling I have. To see others grow and to watch them find the words to describe their WHY, to see them find their voice and explore their way is really and honestly fulfilling me. […]

Got a proposal during Christmas time? Congratulations! ???? You’re getting married! There’s such an exciting time in front of you I am almost jealous 😉 Our Wedding is already more than 3 years ago and I can clearly remember how I felt after telling our friends and family about our decision. (OMG! This is really happening!) […]

4 Schritte zu mehr Klarheit

Denn DU + Klarheit + Mut = Erfolg
Wie du in 4 einfachen Schritten deine Klarheit findest und damit alles erreichst, was du möchtest, das lernst du in diesem kurzweiligen Audio Training: